The Hero of Ferelden

If you believe the stories, mankind’s pride gave rise to the Darkspawn. Countless in number and toxic to all life, Darkspawn search endlessly for an Archdemon. When they find one, darkspawn armies surge up from their corrupt barrows beneath the ground-and a Blight begins. Grey Wardens are the only warriors capable of destroying an Archdemon, and history always honors the one who sacrifices all to kill the beast.

ferelden.pngIn the Fifth Blight, that Warden was Kahlan Cousland, the Hero of Ferelden. Youngest child of Ferelden’s powerful Teyrn Cousland. Betrayal saw the Cousland’s ancestral castle burn, and the teryn and his wife slain. Duncan, a Grey Warden, helped the young noble escape to a new life with the Wardens.

The allied Ferelden and Grey Warden forces met in Ostagar where King Cailan’s armies and a host of Wardens gathered, ready to destroy the darkspawn. But valor turned to despair as Loghain betrayed his king. Cailan’s forces were slaughtered, and the south was lost. Kahlan, now a full-fledged Grey Warden, survival the aid of Flemeth, the mysterious Witch of the Wilds. Joined by Flemeth’s daughter Morrigan and a Grey Warden named Alistair, Kahlan set out to build an army strong enough to abolish the Blight. With the traitorous Loghain now seated on the throne, the Wardens sought help from the influential Arl Eamon of Redcliffe.

However, they arrived in Redcliffe to find a the town under siege, as each night, undead rose in waves assaulting the battered village. With Kahlan’s help, the people of Redcliffe stood fast against the undead horde. The Wardens reached Arl Eamon’s castle only to find the arl lying on the edge of death, and his court falling into madness. To save his father’s life, Eamon’s young son, Connor, had made a deal with a demon and quickly fallen victim to its possession.

Kahlan intervened, freeing Connor from possession and breaking the demons hold over Redcliffe. But deals with demons are never straightforward: the demon agreed only to save Eamon’s life, not restored into health. Arl Eamon and need a miracle to recover. Kahlan located an urn containing the Sacred Ashes of Andraste, which was said to cure any ailment. The urn was protected my ancient traps, tests of will, and a dragon-worshipping cult that wanted to twist the urn’s power to its own ends.The urn remained pure but mysteriously disappeared after the Wardens departed. Only the temple dedicated to it still stands. With a pinch of the ashes, Kahlan restored the arl to health. Informed of Loghain’s treachery, Eamon swore his political and military support.
The Hero of Ferelden, part 2

The Hero of Ferelden

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